Small Living Room Design Tips

A small living room can be a cozy place to wind down with a glass of wine or cuddle up with a loved one. That being said, it does take a little work to make it a place for relaxing or entertaining because of the small area to work with. If you are someone who is not a natural decorator, or someone who struggles to make a quaint living room into the ultimate space for entertaining or relaxing, then check out these tips to help you get started.

Accessorize Smartly


The worst thing you can do with a small space is clutter it with stuff. Yes, that means no more stuffing your car with garage sale finds or taking all of Aunt Susie’s antiques. You have to be smart with what you choose to bring into your small space so that you do not overcrowd it. An oversized mirror hanging on the wall or leaning up against one can create the illusion of a large space, as well as floor to ceiling drapes that draw the eye upwards. Additionally, if there is no room for table lamps or floor lamps, consider hanging two pendant lights on either side of the sofa; no room is taken up with drop lights and it looks funky. Read articles about the best indoor trees for home.

Buy Appropriate-sized Furniture


While a sectional made for a party of 10 may look cozy and functional, in a small space it can do the very opposite. Loveseats or small sofas are the best option for a living room on the tinier side. However, if you are needing more seating, purchase one or two accent chairs that finish off any room but are great for when guests come over. With coffee tables and end tables, try to purchase ones that are not over-sized or gaudy as this will only make the living look cramped. If you have an empty wall, consider installing floor to ceiling bookshelves to create height in the room. Play around with the space and consider all options!

Color Matters


When it comes to the color of the small living room, pick wisely. A color that immediately widens a small room is what you should be looking for, such as bright white or pale pastels. Dark colors are fine too, but they should be accented with light colors for balance. For example, a warm chocolate brown color on the walls can be paired with a white leather couch, light brown pillows, and even a white fireplace mantel.

Smart Storage


A small living room does not have to mean no room for storage. A lot of coffee tables and sofas on the market offer hidden storage compartments. This means you can secretly store extra blankets, pillows, and accents that no one has to know about. When it comes to storage in a space-challenged living room, smart storage is one of the most important things you should consider.


Small living rooms can be cozy and functional, as long as you are careful with how you decorate. No matter what type of atmosphere you are going for, whether it be cottage-like, romantic, modern, or artistic, it can be created in a petite living room. The next time you find yourself wondering what to do with your space, give some of these small living room design tips a try.